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Accidents Happen

You probably come to a full and complete stop, always check your mirrors, never try to make it through a yellow light. But even the most defensive and responsible drivers make mistakes. Maybe you were following slightly to close or did not check you blind spot. It happens to everyone. Thankfully with Southwest Insurance Center and Erie Insurance we can offer you protection.
We can over you rate protection. If you select the rate protection endorsement we will guarantee you rate will stay the same in the event of an accident. Please give Southwest Insurance Center a call and we can get you a great rate on your auto insurance and can lock in that rate for whatever happens!

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Customer Reviews

We will never look for another insurance company...

Sopass R

I am pleased with their mannerisms and courtesy!

Taylor W

I highly recommend Mark, Domenica, and Southwest to anyone looking for insurance

John S

Always reliable and knowledgeable agents, ready to help whenever you call!

Matt R

We have had great service from South West...

Cleone S