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Insurance Tips

Insurance tips for College kids back to school


If your College student has a car away at school let us know. If your student is away at school over 100 miles without a car let us know as well. If you child drives someone else’s car primary insurance coverage would most likely come from the vehicle driven insurance carrier.

Personal Property

Some coverage may come from your homeowner’s policy though if your child is off campus and rents housing a renter’s policy would be a good way to protect computers, cell phones, clothing, and furniture. Most landlords require a tenant policy prior to signing a lease to coverage the tenant’s personal property. Losses can occur from theft or a fire. This policy also extends liability protection for your student and will help start with establishing credit.
It is imperative that detailed pictures be taken of personal property and stored off site in the event of a claim for your student as well as your personal property at your residence.


Youthful driver’s accident rates are among the highest of all drivers. When your child starts to drive is an excellent time to protect yourself and your assets with a umbrella policy.
Ask one of our agents as umbrella policies are very affordable.

Life Insurance

Many students have student loans cosigned by the parents. In the event of the unspeakable, life insurance to the value of the loan is very prudent financial planning!

Insurance should be reviewed every few years as your life changes. Contact us for a free insurance review.

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