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Spring/ Summer

The warm weather is upon us. Time for BBQ’s on the patio, baseball,and ice cream. We hope your summer is full of all your expectations after the harsh winter but unfortunately some of natures most power storms take place in the spring. Be sure to be prepared for Tornado season.

  • Trim your trees
  • Check your roof- make sure you don’t have any loose shingles as they can easily be blown off in a storm
  • If you have exterior shutters, keep them shut during a storm to insure your glass does not break.

Even with all your precautions not all homes can’t withstand the force of a tornado. If you have damage to your home from wind/hail please give our office a call so we can assist!

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Customer Reviews

Pam does a great job and is very professional!

Heather Drake
Heather D

My experiences have always been pleasant!

Alexandra Anderson
Alexandra A

Amazing business, Always there when you need them. A+++++++

Riteway Electric
Riteway E

Highly recommend!!

Christy Wright
Christy W

Everything was very clear and translucent, in and out of there no problem.

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